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Your Vision, Our Precise Planning
Experience the difference with Quantum DreamWorks. We understand the frustration of vague project timelines, which is why we excel at providing transparency right from the start. Whether you're a startup or an established medium-sized business, our team is here to work closely with you. Together, we'll outline a clear and concise plan to bring your vision to life. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a smoother journey toward your digital goals.

Project MileStones


Here's a sample timeline for a medium-sized project. Please keep in mind that this is just an example, and the timeline for each project can vary significantly depending on its complexity.

Day 1- Asana Invitation

We are currently in the process of developing an advanced in-house dashboard, which will serve as the Quantum Creative Labs hub. This centralized platform will empower our users, allowing them to meticulously monitor every facet of their business engagement with us.

Week 2 - Asana update

Adhering to Agile methodologies, we guarantee the delivery of the initial project update within the first two weeks from the official project commencement. It's essential to emphasize that for varying application scopes, updates will be effectively relayed via email on the predetermined project initiation date

Week 4 - Video Call

For basic and medium-sized web applications/AI bots, you can expect a complete preview.

Note: For top-tier applications, additional components will be progressively delivered.

Week 6 - Launching

For both Basic and Medium-Sized Web Applications/AI bots, by the end of week 6, we'll launch and deploy the application on the live server. You can also expect a comprehensive status update, which will be shared on Notion. 

Week 7 - Optimization plan

As partners on this journey right from day 1 through the end of week 7, we are dedicated to ensuring transparency in your business application's progress. As we wrap up this phase, we finalize the project and equip you with a future to-do list. This empowers you to take action whenever you're prepared.
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